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It’s been a while….

So much has happen over the last few month – I’ve had no time to blog, something I’m keen to get back to. I’m not going to bore you with why I’ve been unable to make the time to get posts up…

But guess what RecordPoint is here!

Finially after many sleepless nights and lots of hard work we finially have RecordPoint version 1.0 completed and have released it into the wild.

Wihtin the next week a new set of information on RecordPoint will be post onto it’s very own section of the Unique World web site here:

Many more post on RecordPoint to come over the coming weeks.


Limits of MOSS 2007

I’ve been doing some research and testing on MOSS 2007 in prepartion for our new (soon to be annouced) Records Management framework for MOSS 2007 and as with virtually every application, there are limitations as to what it can do, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server is no exception.  However, I think you will see these limitations are such that they will have little impact in virtually any enviroment.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 Limits

Site Collections in a Web Application 50,000
Sites in a Site Collection 250,000
Sub-sites nested under a Site 2,000
Lists on a Site 2,000
Items in a List 10,000,000
Documents in a Library 2,000,000
Documents in a Folder 2,000
Maximum document file size 2GB
Documents in an Index 50,000,000
Search Scopes 1,000
User Profiles 5,000,000