The World is Flat..

Talk about your epiphany moments:

If you haven’t read Thomas Friedman’s latest “The World is Flat,” I highly suggest you pick up a copy. The text illustrates a flattening of the global economy by illustrating the leveling factors of politics and technology over the last 20 years. It is a truly insightful look at how we have moved into the “age of the individual.” This is a time when, based on technological advancements in the PC, the World Wide Web and telecommunications that any one person (the individual) can make an impact felt globally through digitisation and mass communication.

As I was contemplating the astuteness and breadth of Mr. Friedman’s rationale, I was also separately doing some research on Microsoft’s advancement with their Records Management framework in MOSS 2007. I continue to blown away by the scope of possibilities now available within this framework.

The use of a SharePoint platform to develop functions and applications visually and without thousands of coding man-hours is a huge “flattening” development. As SharePoint and third-party providers continue to expand upon these capabilities, more and more processes and innovations will stem from this leveled playing field.

To fully understand where I am coming from, I recommend the book and highly recommend looking into the “quiet” revolution Microsoft is putting together with SharePoint. 
By the way, it is not lost on me that I am writing a blog enabled by technology to reach anyone in this “flattened” world.


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